About Us

Who Are We

Founded in 2005, the main purpose is to bring together practitioners involved in long-term follow up of patients who have undergone arthroplasty surgery.

Our membership is made up of healthcare professionals: nurses, physiotherapists and others working in extended roles as part of the team caring for arthroplasty patients in a variety of settings.

Members are involved in a range of clinical roles and many are active in collecting outcome data for research.

We provide training days around the UK and mentoring.

Our Aims

  • To provide a forum for discussion on the development of a national standardised programme of arthroplasty review
  • To support training of Arthroplasty Care Practitioners including an annual meeting for educational purposes
  • To work with the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) and associated specialist societies to achieve common goals
  • To support joint registries including the National Joint Registry (NJR) and Scottish Arthroplasty Project (SAP)
  • To promote research into joint replacement


ACPA is:

  • affiliated with the BOA, and has close links with the British Hip Society and the British Association of Knee Surgery
  • developing a link with the Scottish Arthroplasty Project
  • working to form links with associations representing nurses, physiotherapists and other health professionals
  • in regular attendance at meetings of the National Joint Registry


Membership is open to all health care professionals involved in the care of arthroplasty patients.

The application form may be downloaded from the Membership section of this website. Membership is renewable annually on 1st October, however any member who has not renewed by the end of the year will be blocked form the site and not eligible for preferential rates for meetings.

The annual membership fee is used to support education of members and development of the association


The ACPA constitution may be read or downloaded from the Membership section.